7AM (Slovenia)

“Lots of guitar distortion, wah-wah feedback and Lou Barlow would be proud of the bass-sound.” KAPITÄN PLATTE


Whether you just woke up or haven’t even gone to sleep yet, 7 o’clock in the morning is the time when dreams about the craziest punk moments of the late 1980s and the rebellious grunge epidemic of the 1990s reach their highest potential. It was this potential that garage trio 7AM was born out of in the beginning of 2017. The band is characterised by distorted guitar explosions, accompanied by earth-shaking tremors in the form of dynamic drums. A hypnotic female voice cuts through the lo-fi storm, occasionally running into screaming male vocals for some punk-tinged verbal sparring. As masters of a comprehensive DIY approach, the trio self-published their latest, second album “7AM” on CD, cassette and 12” vinyl via Pigpower Records. Alarm clocks around Europe are already being set to 7 AM, as harbingers of the band’s second lengthy international tour, planned for spring 2019.