“Ana is an exceptional and great singer-songwriter, with her introductory ‘mini album’ instilling a listener’s music world with a hefty measure of dramatics. It’s easy to give yourself over to her, which is a very important factor of trust between her and her listeners.” DOP MAGAZIN


After the recently released EP “Open Heart”, the Serbian media started hailing the new singer-songwriter star of the local indie rock scene. In her solo project, Ana Avramov, also the founder of the band In Absentias, lets herself go with theatrical pop harmonies that take listeners to the sensual ends of another time and space. Her deep, expressive vocals spread through traces of Americana and intimate rock. She’s well-known to regional festival stages, having performed at Exit, Street Musicians Festival and Indirekt. She’s coming to MENT with a band, and her debut album is expected in 2019.