BALANS (Slovenia)

“Written to the tune of fans of original and trendy music.” MLADINA


Noise pop, improvisational kraut and ethereal darkwave merge in psychedelic lo-fi balance. The perfectly chaotic focus of the Ljubljana-based art duo is maintained by Kristin Čona and Andrej Pervanje. Their experimental audio-visual experience plays with the hypnotic rhythm of guitars, a retro matrix and provocative singing about the banality of everyday life, often pierced by resounding cries and sharp whistling. Their unconventional musical exploration can be found on four albums. The most recent two, “bunkerpop” (2017) and “kva je s tabo” (2018), released by Slovenian DIY label ŠOP Records, along with touring as part of the Radio Študent Klubski Maraton concert cycle, have made balans one of the more prominent representatives of the local underground scene.