“Is that, like, Sonic the Hedgehog’s new weapon? A new shake from that burger drive-in? Psychedelic punk rock whipped into the abyss and returned with aerodynamic force?” NPR


The town of Castel Goffredo in Northern Italy is known primarily for making underwear, but garage psychedelic trio Bee Bee Sea are successfully putting it on the map of rock ‘n’ roll as well. Their debut album got them gigs with idols and contemporaries such as Thee Oh Sees, The Black Lips and King Khan and the Shrines. Their second album “Sonic Boomerang”, also released via the American sibling of the legendary London-based Dirty Water Records, took their chaotic rock ‘n’ roll overseas, was featured in the TV series Shameless, travelled the student radio playlist circuit and even got them invited to the famous Pickhaton Festival. Now all that remains is to wait for … the BBC!


Supported by INES – Innovation Network of European Showcases.