“An album and a band that would be a shame to miss!” MUZIKA.HR


Rock ‘n’ roll in the eyes, irresistible love charms on the lips, and an enticing neo-psychedelic dance of the senses. The dreamy vocals of Una Gašić, the head of the Serbian dream pop group Bitipatibi, are poetically complemented by a warm ambient sound that’s guided by synths and occasionally led astray by a saxophone. Live, it electrifies in a mysterious, at times shoegazey atmosphere. In addition to Una, the band features saxophonist Dušan Petrovič, guitarist Todor Živković, bassist Dejan Toškiv and drummer Ernest Džananović. Bitipatibi are one of the most played Serbian indie bands, with their second album “Lešnici Divlji 2” rightfully climbing to the top of the regional best-of-2017 lists.