CAMILLA SPARKSSS (Switzerland/Canada)

“Imagine ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson, slowed down, distorted and sung by a shark. This is Camilla Sparksss.” TRUE STORY


Barbara Lehnhoff, a multitalented Swiss-German artist, born in an Indian reservation in Ontario, is coming to MENT with two aspects of her alter ego. We’ll first meet her live as a member of art punk band Peter Kernel, but since 2012, she’s also personified the uncompromising goddess of dark experimental electronica Camilla Sparksss. Camilla reigns with hypnotic synths, ice-cold beats and bold lyrics, the spirit of punk enveloped in a lo-fi electro pop noise experience. After three EPs and the debut album “For You the Wild”, her new single Quasi Cool is celebrating the end of the summer heatwave and announcing the arrival of winter, which will also yield her long-awaited new album.