CELESTE (France)

“It is quite literally frightening to think of what they might do next. With “Infidèle(s)” Celeste have cemented themselves as one of the best heavy bands in the world. Domination awaits.” ECHOES AND DUST


The French post-metal outfit are famed for their intense gigs, where their visual setup adds to the dynamic, as they play in complete darkness, with only red lights on their heads and an ample amount of strobe lighting. They’ve sold out shows in Berlin, Paris, Rome, Lyon… and played at a number of renowned festivals such as Roskilde, Roadburn, Fluff, Psycho Las Vegas and Brutal Assault. Their current album “Infidèle(s)” is a masterpiece blending elements of sludge, black metal and post-hardcore for fans of Neurosis, Cult of Luna and Oathbreaker. For fans of a primal force that will hit us in the dark.