“Dimitrije is lucky in that with him, ‘different’ means absolutely unique.” RAVNO DO DNA


You’ve met Dimitrije Simović at MENT 2018 or at clubs in the region as the frontman of the band Igralom. This time, he’ll introduce us to his alter ego, which features a slightly different lineup for every concert. Following his first EPs “Južno” and “Ponestaće”, he’s played with a bunch of active musicians, such as Sara Renar, Vedran Peternel (Rundek Cargo Orkestar), Ivan Grobenski (Moskau) and others. All the members of this fluctuating band of course bring their own sound to the table, knowing no limits and resonating from trip-hop to dark blues, from ambient music to R&B. At MENT 2019, Dimitrije will be joined onstage by Sara Renar (synth, vocals), Silvio Bočić (drums, guitar), Vedran Peternel (Soundscape, Mandocaster) and Leo Beslać (synth, flute).