ICEAGE (Denmark)

“They’re a band who refuse to stop moving and exploring their sound, emerging every time with a more refined approach to the music. That they can achieve this with integrity should be celebrated, except maybe this time with a bottle of red wine instead of cheap beer.” ALLMUSIC


In May, Matador Records released the fourth album of these four dapper gentlemen, childhood friends we’ve been watching grow from raging youths into one of the more important guitar bands of the decade. “Beyondless” brings a more mature band and brilliant lyrics. They’ve transferred the unbridled energy they spewed through the speakers when we first met them into mighty songs echoing Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen, unafraid of orchestral flourishes and, of course, ruled over by the irreplaceable vocals of Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, interpreting anger, sadness, contempt and yearning as though they’re constantly on his heels. Iceage are still the princes of darkness, despite never having glowed so bright. Or in the words of The Skinny: “Iceage continue to be one of the most exciting bands in music.”