JANKA (Poland)

“JANKA’s music is pleasant and playful dance electronics. For a good party climate it has a significant meaning.” NOVAMUZYKA


A project born out of a musical friendship between some of the most original artists on the Polish electronic scene. The duo is composed of Daniel Drumz and Hatti Vatti – and despite a distance of almost 500 km between them (Krakow–Gdansk), they share a mutual love for dub, the rave aesthetic and analogue synthesizers. JANKA are not just about studio recordings. They base their highly improvised live performances on modular synthesizers, samplers, guitar effects and analogue drum machines. They like to surprise, providing new ideas and solutions with every single performance. Their debut EP “Krzyżacy” was released in 2018 on U Know Me Records.


Supported by INES – Innovation Network of European Showcases.