“Jerobeam Fenderson is one to watch, that much is certain. He’s shaping up to be the Shirobon of the oscilloscope scene. His live shows are reportedly an incomparable experience.” STEEMIT


“Oscilloscope Music” is an audio-visual project where the visuals are drawn by the music’s own soundwaves. In order to get the closest possible correlation between image and sound, the same signal that is connected to the left and right speakers is also connected to an analogue oscilloscope’s X and Y inputs, producing Lissajous figures and complex 3D graphics. Over the span of five years, Jerobeam Fenderson and Hansi3D have created ever more elaborate techniques to explore this largely uncharted field of audio-visual music. Their live set will include new material from their upcoming EP.


Coproduction: Projekt Atol Institute