KALI FAT DUB (Slovenia/Croatia)

“Real twisted reality, social issues and views with the aim of bringing down the system. With ethno flair. A meal for those with a strong stomach.” TERAPIJA.NET


Last year, they drained all the electricity from Ljubljana in the middle of their set and were forced to finish prematurely. A new year, a new opportunity! Haris Pilton and Chakka Svraka are Kali Fat Dub. Lone wolves joined in the struggle against empty activist slogans, with post-apocalyptic ethno dub on the one and Balkan slam poetry on the other hand. The fearless Haris (The Ufoslavians, Doggy Brasco), famed for his wild DJ parties, hits with a bunch of genres, unobtrusively flowing from one to another. The common thread of dub runs through the needles of ethno, punk, drum ’n’ bass, trip-hop and reggae. Meanwhile, the many voices of MC Chakka (Zion Crew, Golem …) weave fascinating stories about life around us. They’re bassing on over to MENT with their album “Nakot Azrielov”.