MICKEY (Austria/Slovakia)

“Sonically adventurous and full of clever little surprises, this is one of the most coherent and original records I’ve heard in some time.” SUPER WORLD INDIE TUNES


Meet Mickey, the charming prince of catchy pop, laid-back indie rock and contemporary R&B. He’s dressed in a rollicking bedroom aesthetic by Alex Konrad and Clemens Wihlidal, former members of Viennese alter pop group GIN GA. The new project by the Austro-Slovakian duo charms you with playful collages of samples, funky bass lines, dynamic guitar solos, and simple yet clever and memorable lyrics. With their debut album “Overtime”, released in March 2018, they’re heading off on an exciting virtual adventure inspired by early internet art and the contrasts between the instant appeal of the digital world and a simple lifestyle. On the album, the art-pop duo brings hit after hit, turning the dancefloor into madness when playing live.


Supported by INES – Innovation Network of European Showcases.