NOAIR (Slovenia)

“We’ve gotten a world-class rock band that don’t disappoint in any rock club, with the communicativeness and beauty of their music paving the way into mass media as well. Of course, this is a slow process, a long-distance run. Noair are ready for it.” JURE LONGYKA, IZŠTEKANI


The coastal quartet, sailing its sound between idyllic melodies and self-destructive chaos, categorize themselves as alternative pop. They’ve released two albums, performed on the Izštekani unplugged radio show, published a series of online gigs called “Live Behind the Curtains” and played a bunch of clubs. Their sound recalls Jeff Buckley, Muse and Radiohead, melting together elements of many genres. With their current single Colours, they’re introducing a whole new palette into their previously black-and-white world.