SABUROV (Russia)

“Middle-aged layabout.” SABUROV HIMSELF


*Hyperboloid Night


Moscow’s DJ Saburov describes himself as a “middle-aged layabout”. Despite the disarming self-mockery, he actually co-runs Hyperboloid Records with Pixelord and Acid Mafia, releasing internet bass tunes by producers from all over the world, defining the sound of now, and is a well-known promoter/DJ in Moscow and other major Russian cities. His recent statement gives some indication of what to expect when everybody gets together: “In my opinion there’s nothing to do in a club if you don’t have big bass speakers and subwoofers.” A long-time advocate of grime, garage, juke and other resonant styles, he makes sure the noise endures – over the years and across borders. He has toured the EU, China and the US as well as all over Russia with his label mates, simultaneously working for the label as A&R and Artist Manager.


*Hyperboloid Night


 Three Russian “geeks”, Dmitry Garin (Acid Mafia), Alexey Devyanin (Pixelord) and Sergey Saburov (Saburov/SΛB), met online towards the end of the 1990s. A few years later, they established a label that became a community. Today, Hyperboloid is synonymous with “internet bass tunes” – a sonic palette of dark trap, wild juke, colourful synths twisting among IDM beats, and club mutations that dare go to the edge and beyond. The community of mainly Russian producers throws concerts all over the world, their releases are regularly reported on by globally recognised media, and their hometown events expand the horizons of the local audience. In 2015, they received the Russian Jägermeister Indie Award for Best Label, which is unstoppably approaching its hundredth release.

The Hyperboloid Night will feature A.Fruit, Bad Zu, Raumskaya, Saburov and Summer of Haze.