SURMA (Portugal)

“It’s truly an otherworldly journey – through a shimmer guitar line, and Umbelino’s Björk-esque vocals – there’s elements of Portishead and Daughter thrown in for good measure. This demands repeat listens.” CRACK IN THE ROAD


Young Portuguese artist Débora Umbelino shapes a unique dream world with her music. She combines strings, keyboards, effects, various sound recordings and sensuous vocals in ethereal melodies, guiding them across diverse electronic soundscapes. Her warm, intimate sonic blend brings to mind Björk or a more ambiental Imogen Heap. Surma has performed at all major Portuguese festivals and in Spain, France, Great Britain, Germany and Sweden. It’s said you can hear elves singing if you listen to nature closely enough. Their songs probably sound a lot like Surma.


Supported by INES – Innovation Network of European Showcases.