TÚS NUA (Croatia)

“Tús Nua create a stunning mix of atmospheric post-rock intertwined with blissful shoegaze and dreamy vocalisations that will leave you floored.” PRIMAL MUSIC


When the Croatian trio released their debut album “Horizons” in September 2017, both critics and audiences were caught by surprise. The biggest Croatian music website Muzika.hr crowned it the Croatian Album of the Year, the song Fight! was named Song of the Day by KEXP, and the famed radio station was soon followed by the likewise Seattle-based label Weltraum-Wal, which rereleased the album on cassette tape. The post-rock foundation surprisingly employs vocals, flirts with shoegaze and echoes influences such as Mogwai and Warpaint. Over the past year, the band has played the region tirelessly, performing at festivals such as INmusic, Hoomstock and Tam-Tam, and shared the stage with God Is An Astronaut.