“This was so very nice.” ANDREJ KAROLI, VAL202


We met Zala at MENT last year, just around the time her first single with Gašper, titled Valovi, was making waves among radio editors and bringing inquisitive smiles to listeners’ faces when they wondered who was behind the catchy new hit. Before that, YouTube got to know Zala from a bunch of covers she left her mark on, while Gašper was training at Faust Records studios in Prague. After two years, he left everything behind, cycling across Europe in search of new stories. That’s how the chorus of Valovi came to be somewhere on the west coast of France. After the trip, he returned to Prague to finish the song, which came to life when Zala interpreted it. To round things off, Valovi received the Golden Flute award for Best Song of 2017. After another song, Baloni, the pair released S teboi in October, concluding the musical trilogy by a couple we expect great things from.