Conference 2017

Where Graphic Design and Music Meet
Wednesday, 1 Feb, 17:30 @ Komuna


Host: Darko Kujundžić (Vizualab, HR)
Speakers: Karlo Medjugorac (Sito, SI), Zoran Pungerčar (Look Back And Laugh, SI), Idon Mine (AT)


In tune with the appointMENT music poster exhibition, we will inquire to what extent and how are graphic design and musical creativity intertwined. We want to find out how the client (musician) and designer shape the joint vision for the visual image of a music event (festival, concert, album), how musicians’ visual communications have changed (digital content, social media), and what are the challenges facing designers in the field of music in the coming years. And last but not least – how much graphic design and musical creativity can help each other.

Speed Networking: Meet the Eastern European Festivals (CAPACITY IS FULL)

Thursday, 2 Feb, 10:00 @ Komuna


Participating festivals: INmusic Festival (HR), Taksirat Festival (MK), Budapest Showcase Hub – BuSH (HU), Rock for People (CZ), OFF Festival (PL), Moscow Music Week (RU), Sziget Festival (HU), Pohoda Festival (SK), Spring Break (PL), Exit Festival (RS)


MENT offers you a great opportunity to meet and present your work to some of the most renowned festivals in Eastern Europe – from Zagreb to Moscow, from Poznan to Skopje. Join the ride and create new business opportunities.
Applications are closed. Capacity is full.

How to Be a Rock Star on Social Media

Thursday, 2 Feb, 10:30 @ M Hotel 1


Speaker: Martina Anđelković (Snajka de Madre, RS)


Social media is home to numerous bands and artists, who seem to pop out of every nook and cranny, bombarding everyone around with videos, songs, pictures, posts, links, etc. If we’re completely honest, we rarely see consistent and well-thought-out use of social media, especially from up-and-coming artists. Let’s find out how to create an online marketing plan to optimise artists’ presence on social media.

Keynote Interview: Kevin Cole – The KEXP Story

Thursday, 2 Feb, 11:30 @ Komuna


Host: Sigtryggur Baldursson (Iceland Music Export, IS)

Speaker: Kevin Cole (KEXP, US)


‘Where the music matters’ is the slogan of KEXP radio from Seattle. Everything started as a tiny 10-watt station back in 1972, but KEXP has grown over the years into an innovative, influential cultural force in the Seattle community and beyond. Kevin Cole is KEXP’s Chief Content Officer and host of the Afternoon Show, breaking bands and presenting numerous KEXP live in-studio performances, which have expanded KEXP’s popularity across the globe. Even though many think radio media has one foot in a grave, we are excited to hear the opposite and more positive side – the KEXP story.

Case Study: #JoyCutNeverStops

Thursday, 2 Feb, 12:45 @ M Hotel 1


Host: Franz Hergovich (Austrian Music Export, AT)

Speakers: Pasquale Pezzillo (JoyCut, IT), Katia Giampaolo (JoyCut, Estragon, IT)


Frequent visitors of showcase festivals have probably already come across the Italian band JoyCut or their energetic manager Katia – in the last few years, they’ve played everywhere, from SXSW to Canada, all around Europe, even as far away as China and Japan. JoyCut also ended up among the top 5 bands of the ETEP (European Talent Exchange Programme) 2015 platform. Let’s hear first-hand about their strategies, experiences, benefits, opportunities, disappointments, financing and everything in between. And last but not least – was it worth it? And what’s next in order to successfully continue the #JoyCutNeverStops story?

Listening Session

Thursday, 2 Feb, 13:00 @ Komuna


Host: Zala Vidali (MENT Ljubljana, SI)

Speakers: Michal Parizek (Full Moon Magazine, Scrape Sound, CZ), Kevin Cole (KEXP, US), Vic Galloway (Clash Magazine, BBC Radio Scotland, UK), Natasha Padabed (More Zvukov Agency, NL)


A group of international music professionals will go on a blind date with songs by selected MENT artists, who will receive immediate, direct and honest feedback. We bet you don’t often get a chance to hear an honest analysis of individual songs by internationally renowned music experts – so don’t miss this one!

Hungarian Reception – HOTS
Thursday, 2 Feb, 14:00 @ Kino Šiška (under the stairs)


Have you heard about HOTS? Well, if not, let us give you a quick overview of the Hungarian delegation! Hungarian Oncoming Tunes brings you the most influential Hungarian bands and music industry professionals from all genres and music scenes. We’ve showcased our talents at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2017, now we’re raising the bar here at MENT Ljubljana and eagerly looking forward to Tallinn Music Week. Our delegates range from the hottest underground festivals, exciting indie labels and music bloggers and journalists, to experts from Sziget Festival.


In the last few years, the Hungarian live music scene has caught up with the standards of Western European countries, as evident in better song writing, new management strategies and more creativity, making our music community much stronger and unique. We even had the first Hungarian showcase event this November, the Budapest Showcase Hub – the ultimate proof we’re moving forward.


Our three acts will give you a taste of the diversity of our live music scene. Gustave Tiger is currently one of the biggest names on our underground music scene, with their so-called cathedral punk and raw musical and vocal performance a must-hear experience. Apey – a slender man with a thick voice – represents our singer-songwriter community and does it well. His new LP “Foxes” came out last year and features consistent song writing quality with exciting musical and lyrical twists. Meanwhile, Uffalo Steez is a footwork duo with a hint of juke, pioneering the genre in the region, with members originating in the fine arts and jazz music scenes.

Keynote Presentation: Iceland Music Export Phenomena

Thursday, 2 Feb, 15:00 @ M Hotel 1


Speaker: Sigtryggur Baldursson (Iceland Music Export, IS)


It’s difficult to think of Iceland without thinking of superlative music. From Björk and The Sugarcubes, Sigur Rós, múm and Of Monsters and Men, to many other classical, jazz, folk and pop artists, this small and remote North Atlantic nation has caused a stir with the sheer number of acts coming from a nation with such a small population (330,000). The export of music from Iceland has been growing rapidly recently. Sigtryggur Baldursson, founding member of The Sugarcubes and Managing Director of Iceland Music Export, will explain the story of the Icelandic music phenomena.

The ABC of Sync

Thursday, 2 Feb, 15:15 @ M Hotel 2


Speaker: Simon Pursehouse (Sentric Music, UK)


It seems everyone is talking about sync and everyone is trying to get their hands on it, but hold on – are we even sure that we know the basics? Simon Pursehouse, Head of Sync at one of the leading independent music publishers Sentric Music, will introduce us to the world of sync. His nine basic, but necessary steps – from a song’s metadata to instrumentals, from copyright registration to email communication, and everything in between – will help you gain a better understanding of the sync world and avoid mistakes many artists and their managers are currently making.

Music, Sync and Supervisors

Thursday, 2 Feb, 16:00 @ M Hotel 2


Host: Daryl Bamonte (BAM, Schubert Music Publishing, UK)

Speakers: Marcus Linde (Thag’s Agent, DE), Gergely Salamon (Eastaste, HU), Simon Pursehouse (Sentric Music, UK)


In recent years, music placement in TV shows, films, games and advertising has become one of the most tempting revenue streams for artists, publishers and music rights holders. At first glance, sync seems clear and simple in theory, but how does it really work in practice? How do relationships and communication between the investor, supervisor, publishers or labels and musician work? What are the secrets, tips and tricks to get noticed by music supervisors? How is the price of your song for sync set? What are the specifics of sync to movies, TV series and advertisements? And what are the most common failures and mistakes of the sync world?

Welcome to Poland

Thursday, 2 Feb, 16:45 @ M Hotel 1


Host: Renato Horvath (Eastaste, BuSH, HU)

Speakers: Tomasz Waśko (Go Ahead, Spring Break, PL), Tony Duckworth ([PIAS] Poland and Eastern Europe, PL), Jacek Skolimowski (Newsweek Poland, Polnisches Institut Berlin, PL), Ania Kasperek (Chimes Agency, PL)


Poland is one of the biggest music markets in Eastern Europe and one which has been developing quickly over the last decade. Combined with its central geographical position, its potential should raise the eyebrows of all bands and labels with international ambitions. Find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Polish music market, its specifics, unwritten rules and the various opportunities it offers.

Don’t Panic! We’re from Poland Reception

Thursday, 2 Feb, 18:00 @ Kino Šiška (Kamera)


Don’t Panic! We’re from Poland (DPWFP) is a brand created by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute (AMI) in 2008. Its main aim is to promote Polish music abroad. Concentrating on music genres such as pop, alternative, jazz, electronic, club music, metal, experimental and folk, DPWFP is part of the flagship brand of AMI – provides daily information on the most exciting Polish cultural events worldwide. It’s the biggest and most comprehensive source of knowledge about Polish culture – it presents high-quality initiatives and events in Poland and abroad, as well as artists’ profiles, reviews and information about cultural institutions.


MENT 2017 hosts three Polish acts. You’ll be able to catch the subtle, slow, deep music of Coals right after the reception at Kino Šiška, and there’s two acts from the Polish electronic scene scheduled for Friday. First the fresh duo of producer Teielte and drummer Sobura will present its vision of bass and post hip-hop music, then Teielte will craft a solo set.

Free/Libre Music: Artist’s Medicine or Poison?

Thursday, 2 Feb, 20.30 @ Pritličje


Host: Luka Prinčič (Kamizdat, SI)

Speakers: Anders Carlsson (Goto80, SE), Urša Chitrakar (attorney, SI), Alenka Pirman (Ljudmila, SI)


20 years after the birth of the MP3 format and the disruption it caused in close cooperation with the emergence of information network, and ten years after the introduction of the Slovenian translation of the Creative Commons licences – a tool that was supposed to temporarily soften the unsuitability of the copyright system in the all-connected modernity –, we again ask what these changes mean for musicians and the music industry that depends on them. Together with our guests we will present several different ways of releasing music online, their pros and cons, and discuss the meaning of creative commons.

Case Study: Pohoda Festival – Music Festival Economics

Friday, 3 Feb, 12:10 @ M Hotel 1


Speaker: Monika Satková (Pohoda Festival, SK)


Ever wondered about the economics of a prominent summer music festival? Are tickets the main source of income, or do marketing and sponsors provide the biggest piece of the pie? Or the food and drink stalls? What about the festival’s costs – what eats up the majority of the budget? The headliners or an armada of mid-range/smaller bands? What about the infrastructure, staff costs, collective copyright societies, etc.? By taking a closer look at the Slovakian Pohoda Festival, we will get the opportunity to gain insight into the budgetary structure of a larger festival.

Optimizing a Festival’s Line-up

Friday, 3 Feb, 12:30 @ M Hotel 1


Host: Derek Robertson (Drowned In Sound, UK)

Speakers: Jean Luis Brossard (Les Trans Musicales, FR), Malcolm Haynes (Glastonbury Festival, UK), Mate Škugor (SuperUho Festival, HR), Attilio Perissinotti (Home Festival, BPM Concerti, IT)


After gaining insight into festival economics, it’s time to dive deeper into the festival world and discuss the secrets and strategies of building the perfect festival line-up. Is there a magic formula? How do festivals cope with the lack of headliners and the consequent competition between festivals? How important are mid-range and newcomer bands for a festival’s line-up? Does the festival crowd ‘buy’ the entire experience or just concrete bands? Let’s hear what secrets four well-renowned festivals of different sizes, profiles and territories reveal to us.

Ex-YU Live Music Perspective 2020

Friday, 3 Feb, 13:30 @ Komuna


Host: Nick Hobbs (Charmenko, TR)

Speakers: Vedran Meniga (Pozitivan ritam, HR), Ivan Milivojev (Exit Festival, RS), Mario Grdošić (Los Angeles Agency, HR), Slobodan Milunović (MetalDays, SI)


In recent years, festivals in the countries of former Yugoslavia have become an especially vibrant part of the live music scene – there are INmusic Festival, UK-owned festivals on the Croatian Adriatic, niche festivals in Slovenia, Exit expanding to some of Serbia’s neighbours, and many smaller festivals throughout the region. What are the limits to the growing number of ex-YU festivals? Who will survive and who won’t? What innovation might be possible? How have festival models shifted in recent times? How do festivals affect the live scene during the rest of the year? Let’s hear the perspectives, predictions and visions of some of the region’s main players.

My PR-ecious Connections

Friday, 3 Feb, 13:30 @ M Hotel 2


Host: Maša Pavoković (MashupMash, SI)

Speakers: Anastasia Connor (freelance journalist, Song, By Toad Records, UK), Arne Thamer (Popup Records, DE), Tim Boddy (The 405, UK), Dmitri Bezkorovainyi (, BY)


Bands release records, play shows and go on tour, slowly gaining popularity, but sooner or later the question kicks in – should we hire a professional PR company to take us to the next level? Let’s dive into the tricky world of music PR. When is the right time to hire a professional PR agent? What can a PR agency do for a band? How do relations between PR agents and journalists actually work? How do you prepare a cost-effective PR campaign for your album release or tour? PRepare for PRomotion!

Touring Eastern Europe

Friday, 3 Feb, 14:30 @ M Hotel 1


Host: Ramunas Zilnys (journalist, Lietuvos rytas, LT)

Speakers: Vaclav Havelka (Bumbum Satori, Please the Trees, CZ), Edgars Abolins (Fontaine Palace, LV), Nebojša Petrović (Rock Svirke Agency, RS), Paweł Trzcinski (Distorted Animals, OFF Festival, PL)


Traditionally, the dream of up-and-coming bands is a big breakthrough on the main Western European music markets. However, they often forget the fact that there is huge competition on those markets, which are overcrowded with domestic bands and influential ‘players’, making it difficult to get noticed. On the other hand, there is a huge market in the area from the Balkans to the Baltic, which bands can focus on and try their luck. Let’s discuss the specifics and opportunities of the Eastern European live music market, reveal its secrets, hear the success stories, and recognise the traps and dangers.

Workshop: Plan Your Band’s Career

Friday, 3 Feb, 15:30 @ M Hotel 3


Hosts: Magda Chołyst & Magdalena Jensen (Chimes Agency, PL)


Today’s music industry is changing rapidly. New habits of creating, experiencing and consuming music are emerging at a fast pace. In this hectic situation, one thing is clear – artists and bands shouldn’t rely on ‘traditional’ roads to success (such as waiting to be discovered by A&Rs of major record labels), but rather search for new ways of breaking through. In this chaotic, constantly changing environment, it’s of crucial importance for artists to have a clear vision, goals and strategy, in order to shape a long-term plan and stick to it. But where to start? This Chimes workshop is a smart introduction for beginners who want to start developing business thinking in their music career.


Workshop participants must apply in advance – send a short CV/motivation letter (max 500 characters) to: (subject: Workshop – MENT2017). The deadline for applications is 30th January 2017. The number of participants is limited.

Talk: John Richards – Dirty Electronics: The Physical & Ephemeral

Friday, 3 Feb, 15:30 @ M Hotel 2


Speaker: John Richards (Dirty Electronics, UK)



John Richards will discuss his work as Dirty Electronics, composing inside electronics and adopting an object-orientated approach to performing and music making. He’ll also talk about how making an instrument or sound object can provide a tabula rasa for creative work, and how technology and technological objects provide a rich vein for finding and exploring new sounds. Much of his work as Dirty Electronics has been concerned with participatory and performance art, and he’ll reflect on how DIY culture and maker communities have influenced his work as a musician. Finally, he’ll show us his artwork-printed circuit boards, including the Computer as Text object for MENT 2017.

Keynote Interview: Jonathan Poneman – Sub Pop Records

Friday, 3 Feb, 17:00 @ M hotel 1
via Skype due to illness  


Host: Richard J. Foster (The Quietus, Worm, NL)

Speaker: Jonathan Poneman (Sub Pop Records, US)


What comes first to mind at the mention of the city of Seattle? Naturally – grunge, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Sub Pop Records. MENT is delighted to host Jonathan Poneman, founder of the legendary record label Sub Pop, who will shed light not only on the grunge boom of the early ‘90s, but also on how the label navigated through the last 30 years. Not only did they manage to survive the turbulent recording market, they also succeeded in expanding the Sub Pop story with bands such as The Shins, Fleet Foxes, Flight of the Conchords, Beach House, Foals, Metz, No Age, Wolf Parade, Shabazz Palaces …

Austrian Heartbeats Networking Reception

presented by Austrian Music Export & Waves Vienna

Friday, 3 Feb, 18:00 @ Kino Šiška (Kamera)


Join the Austrian delegates for a Networking Reception hosted by Austrian Music Export & Waves Vienna. In 2017/18, Austrian Music Export puts a biennial focus on the ex-Yugoslavian countries. Use the opportunity to get in touch, enjoy drinks and snacks in a relaxed atmosphere if you’re interested in joint projects and activities. Of course you’re also very welcome if you want to meet with the Austrians regarding any other matters.


Austrian Music Export is a joint initiative of the Austrian Music Information Center mica – music austria and the Austrian Music Fund. Austrian Music Export’s aim is to be a service and resource centre for exporters of contemporary Austrian music in all genres and aspects (recordings, live, sync, etc.). This includes providing access to information on Austrian artists and companies, building a substantial network of industry professionals and media, providing travel support, and representing Austrian music at international trade shows, conferences and festivals. Austrian Music Export promotes international showcases of local artists and develops measures to strengthen international exploitation of the Austrian repertoire by acting as a catalyst for export-oriented Austrian labels, agencies and artists.


Waves Vienna is the city’s first club and showcase festival. In autumn, Vienna’s most significant clubs, unique one-off locations and the public space will merge into Waves Vienna Festival. The festival’s motto is “East meets West”; numerous international alternative, electronic, rock, and club acts will be performing around Vienna’s 9th district. Additionally, local artists and sophisticated musicians from Eastern Europe form an essential part of the festival’s programme. The next edition of Waves Vienna will take place from 28th to 30th September 2017.

/// All the panels and presentations are in English