01 Feb Jonathan Poneman and Alexander Čerevka Can’t Make it to MENT but …

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Unfortunately, Jonathan Poneman (Sub Pop Records) won’t make it to MENT due to his health situation. See his statement below.

However, we aren’t quitters, so the keynote interview with Jonathan will take place live via Skype. Due to the time difference between Slovenia and USA, we rescheduled it to Friday at 17:00 at M Hotel 1.  


Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking a moment to read this note. For months I have been looking forward to joining you at this year’s MENT.
With an adventurous musical line-up, this festival is being heard about all the way in my hometown of Seattle: all great things!
Unfortunately, I have a chronic health issue that is presently active, keeping me grounded in the states for now. It’s a fucking bummer!
I can say that, right? 🙂
Like so many people do with so many things, I meet every day and hope for the best. So, in an effort to keep the party going, I will be doing the Keynote Interview on Friday at 17:00 via Skype. (In my skivvies–jk!) Thanks to MENT, it’s staff and to all of you for
welcoming me. I am grateful for your kindness and understanding. It’s MENT to be.

See you soon!

Best Wishes,
Jonathan Poneman
Sub Pop Records


Unfortunately, that’s not the only change at the MENT Conference. Alexander Čerevka (Slnko Records) is ill and cannot participate in the ‘My PR-ecious Connections’ panel. He has been replaced by Dmitri Bezkorovainyi (Experty.by, BY).

Enough with the cancellations, MENT Ljubljana 2017 is starting!