INES#conference videi z MENTa 2019

(all panels are in English only)


Watch out Netflix!

Here’s 8 hours of pure music industry fun!

We filmed none less than 8 panels at MENT 19 for the INES Network and they’re now available online. For free!

So sit down, relax, grab a smoothie, stretch your legs and get ready to be blown away by amazing data, unbelievable stories, in your face arguments and the thrill of seeing music professionals in action.
“An intense documentary questioning its own existence.”
directed by Andraž Kajzer (MENT Ljubljana)
starring: Maša Pavoković (Mashupmash), Michał Hajduk (Don’t Panic! We’re from Poland) , Mira Lu Kovacs (5K HD, Schmieds Puls) , Thomas Heher (Waves Vienna)
“A story of Swedish secrets to global success.”
written, directed and performed by Peter Åstedt (LIVE AT HEART)

“A thrilling story of a Russian agent leading a Dutch agency in Berlin.”

lead role: Natasha Padabed (More Zvukov Agency)
narrated by Matjaž Manček (Kino Šiška, MENT Ljubljana)
extras: Ivan Novak (Laibach)


“A documentary on the threat that we (the people) can change the Earth.”

the saviour: Claire O’Neill (A Greener Festival)
the believer: Gordon Masson (IQ Magazine)


“A group effort to change the game.”


directed by Kerstin Saathoff (Google, DE) & Mariusz Herma (beehype, Polityka, PL)
the group: Elif Tähtinen (Musiikki & Media / Music & Media Finland, Lost in Music, FI), Hannes Tschürtz (Ink Music, AT), Barbora Šubrtová (Metronome Festival Prague, CZ), Peter Baroš (Sigic, SI), Ingrid Kohtla (Tallinn Music Week, EE), Renato Horvath (eastaste, Budapest Showcase Hub, HU), Marko Maršičević (Marsh Creative Production, Kontakt Beograd, RS), Tony Duckworth (PIAS Poland & Eastern Europe, PL), Magdalena Jensen (Chimes, PL), Márton Náray (SoundCzech, Nouvelle Prague, CZ), Paula Poštolková (Nová Cvernovka, Sharpe Festival, SK), Janika Reuter (FACTORY 92, DE)


“Because there is only one The Artist. The Film. The one that won the Oscar.”


the invincible duo:
Markus Linde (thag’s agent), Nuno Saraiva (Lusitanian)


“A cute comedy of underdogs getting the girl.”


directed by: Urszula Andruszko (Radio Wrocław Kultura)
the underdogs: Julio Gómez (Festival Sinsal), Raphael Pleschounig (Acoustic Lakeside), Stefan Reichmann (Haldern Pop Festival), Szabolcs Czeglédi (Bánkitó Fesztivál)


“How one artist made a song and gave it to the world. Live in action!”

the artist: КУКЛА
the wizz: Wesley T. A’Harrah (Music Ally)