Slovenian moMENTs at Eurosonic 2019!

The Eurosonic Noorderslag 2019 festival is regarded as an event where the music talents of the future are discovered. Each year, the biggest showcase festival in Europe organizes more than 350 concerts at over 30 stages in the city of Groningen. Over four days, 4000 music professionals from all parts of the entertainment industry, including 400 representatives of music festivals, attend the event. MENT Ljubljana is coming to Groningen in the company of three acts: KУКЛА, The Canyon Observer and Torul.

KУКЛА is a self-described Slavic gangsta geisha pop band transformer. While mainly singing about weapons and love, she constantly fights herself and the outside world. Onstage, her characteristic sound is enriched with lush visuals while she serves up her heart on a plate.


THE CANYON OBSERVER intertwine delicate and atmospheric parts with a furious, direct combination of black metal, doom and sludge in their experimental sound. Live, they back it up with impenetrable fog and blinding strobes.


TORUL is a Ljubljana-based group that is one of the most active Slovenian bands on the international scene. Their music blends various influences, from electronica, indie pop and rock, enhanced by the strong and charismatic vocals of singer Maj.



Jan 17th, 23:35 @ News Café



Jan 17th, 21:05 @ Machinefabriek



Jan 17th, 20:45 @ Praedinius Gymnasium



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The participation of Slovenian acts in the ESNS festival is co-financed by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in The Hague and supported by MENT Ljubljana, Val 202 and Sigic.