ÄTNA (Germany)

“Somewhere between Björk, Fever Ray, Kamasi Washington and plenty of other references, the dynamic duo created something that is hard to find these days: a sound that is truly unique and fresh compared to most of contemporary music’s releases.” NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION


ÄTNA unfold an energetic, highly percussive, dark and twisted version of pop. Their music is an adventure riding between powerful extremes, whether sensual tenderness or raw fury. From dream state to outburst, the abstract beats, playful piano and determined vocal work of Inéz make switching between multiple moods sound effortless. Their live shows are dominated by presence, intensity and contrasts, resulting in a hypnotic and playful joint venture. “La Famiglia – An Audiovisual Suite” was released in September on Berlin‘s House of Strength Records and is a joyous artwork of audio-visual one-shot recordings.


Supported by INES – Innovation Network of European Showcases.