“‘Radiate’ is an album as aspirational as it is affectively demanding.” MASK MAGAZINE


That voice is irresistible. Jeanne Added makes catchy and sensual pop, at times gentle, at others forecasting the end of the world. Her 2015 debut “Be Sensational” conquered the French audience and won her the Deezer Adami Award, which celebrates three acts of the new French scene each year. Next came sold out concerts and festival shows, numbering as many as 200 over two years. In October, she finally released her second heavily anticipated album “Radiate”, saying: “I wanted more singing, I wanted to hear my voice as I know it, to let it be heard in a wider spectrum.” The results are retro futuristic soundscapes, pulsating beats, swirling genre influences and a clean, clear voice, still as irresistible as ever.