KATALENA (Slovenia)

“The lyrics hark back to those bygone wars. Yet Slovenia is still home to refugees from a war on its doorstep, and the ironic distancing that the folk lyrics create is intensified by the infusion of contemporary styles into the musical settings, with rock rhythms and echoes of jazz rubbing shoulders with simple, almost naïve melodies.” SONGLINES (KIM BURTON)


This sextet has played in almost every club, concert hall or festival stage in the country and has done a fair bit of globetrotting, too, with gigs in the USA, Israel and all over Europe. But there’s no stopping for Katalena, with their seventh album “Človek ni zver/Man Is Not a Beast” released in April. The band draws inspiration from the Slovenian folk music legacy, but adapt and perform it according to their own aesthetics and preferences. The basic premise of their enterprise is a belief in the timelessness of traditional music, which, according to the members, is still alive in young generations today not as a long-lost object, but as a vital tradition. Katalena strive to invigorate this music legacy with their own fresh energy, at the same time brushing off its ideological connotations and allowing its playfulness and catchy rhythms to take over.