TURISTI (Serbia)

“The latest hit on the bubbling Belgrade indie scene breaks the classic rock ‘n’ roll mould with laidback pop tunes, minimalist electronic flourishes and crazy rhythms.” HRUPMAG


This fresh music project features Boško Mijušković, one of the more prominent representatives of the younger Serbian generation, familiar to many as the bassist for the tireless Straight Mickey and the Boyz. Since the beginning, he and his brother Nikola Džimi have been the permanent “Tourists”, with the remaining band musicians “seasonal”. Their debut “Levo ili desno”, released via the independent Macedonian label Balkan Veliki less than a year ago, is a regular collage of genres, offering a number of experimental music destinations, from melancholic indie hits to danceable rock anthems and leisurely jazz twists. A tourist trap you’re happy to fall for over and over again.