VIZELJ (Serbia)

Vizelj has what Šarlo Akrobata and early Azra had.” NIKOLA VRANJKOVIĆ, BLOCK OUT


Cheeky. Furious. Electric. Jokers. The young Belgrade-based trio resonates with the plentiful history of the Serbian guitar scene. Deeply entrenched in rock ‘n’ roll, going after guitars with fists, devoting their hearts to decibels and no brakes to 11. They got the first shot in with their debut single Nosorog, then hit stages all over the former Yugoslavia, opening and closing for their heroes Partibrejkers, Veliki Prezir, Repetitor… the latter’s frontman even got so excited he joined them onstage. In the meantime, Vizelj released their first album “Naj Bolji” via Odličan Hrčak Records, as well as 2 EPs. They’re driving to MENT with their current single “Kadilak”.